Choose a hands-on Workshop from our menu. Each Workshop is unique and expertly tailored to fit your group. We provide all food, cooking equipment and cleaning supplies.

As the host, you won't need to worry about a thing.

 Culinary Fundamentals 

Our favorite and most popular Workshop! An understanding of safety, kitchen tools, nutrition, gastronomy etc. Practice universal cooking techniques like braising, blanching and sautéing. Sharpen your knives and learn the science behind some your favorite restaurant dishes.

 Soups, Sauces and Stocks 

Introduction to the five mother sauces and stocks such as chicken, vegetable and lobster. Learn the proper way to make a Hollandaise, Tomato sauce, Béchamel, Espangole and Veloute. Make derivatives of the sauces such as Mornay or Béarnaise. Preparing for the base of all cuisine.  


Salads, dressings, garnishes, cold appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Learn to cure, pickle and brine.  

 Cuisine New American

Foundation of fusion cuisine. Californian, French, Nouvelle and Latin.

 Cuisine Mexican

 Foundation of ingredients, techniques and popular Mexican dishes.

 Cuisine Asian

Foundation of ingredients, techniques and popular dishes from China, Japan and India.

 Cuisine American Southern 

Foundation of ingredients, techniques and popular dishes of the south.

 Cuisine Caribbean

Foundation of ingredients, techniques and dishes from the various islands.

 Cuisine European

Foundation of ingredients, techniques and dishes from Britain, Ireland and France. Learn to make fresh Italian pasta. 

 Baking and Pastry

Foundation for working with sugars, chocolate, sweets, doughs etc. Work with cakes icings and confectioners. 

august seasonal workshop 

It's Grilling season! Learn to properly marinate and grill chicken, fish and vegetables. We'll be serving some tacos, street corn and a few surprises...

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