We Break Out Our Crystal Ball For Some 2019 Predictions

Forecasters are looking at trends that may influence our food in 2019! What foods will include CBD or Cannabidiol? Will insect protein become more mainstream? What vegetable will replace cauliflower at the star of the year? (Hint: maybe cabbage) Will Kombucha grow in popularity and fermentation expand?

Most forecasters agree that vegan and vegetarian cuisine will become more popular in 2019. Even though only 3.2% of Americans self-identify as vegan or vegetarian, their influence feels bigger! Social Media and people's’ desire to be healthier has helped to spur the growth, for sure.

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Go Beyond Delivery With A Private Chef

Forecasters predict many more 2019 food delivery options!! Uber! GrubHub! Drones? Getting takeout and delivery can be temporarily satisfying but not necessarily a healthy, social or special meal.

Consider hiring a personal chef to cook for you in your home for a relaxed, unique dining experience. Planning, shopping, cooking and cleanup are done for you! Instead of struggling to answer the “what’s for dinner?” question, you just sit down to a healthy, delicious family meal.

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