our mission:

To provide the bestaccessible and high quality culinary entertainment and food services, utilizing the creativity of our talented local Chefs

Q. What is Food Fire + Knives?

A. We are "in home" culinary entertainment and provide everything including the food, equipment, cleaning supplies and aprons. We specialize in high quality plated meals and group cooking classes.

Q. Are all of your services in home?

A. We do offer a kitchen rental option for large groups over 10 people. Contact us for more information.

Q. Why wouldn't I just go to a restaurant?

A. Hey. We're not the boss of you. But there's a lot of reasons to pick us other than our magnetic personalities, captivating good looks and quick wit. Here's some: 

  • When tallied up (food, drink, tip, uber, time) our pricing is comparable.
  • We have variety. Local chefs, any cuisine with your own customized menu.
  • We'll probably clean your kitchen better than you gave it to us.
  • Relax at home.
  • Feel like Beyonce with that private chef

So if this were one of your dating apps, you'd be swiping right. But we aren't competing with restaurants. In fact, we see ourselves as support and an extension of them. Lets face it, the most fascinating component in most restaurants is the chef.* So why are they always tucked away? 

*unless they have truffle fries. we love truffle fries.

Q. Restaurants are struggling to find Chefs. Aren't you making it harder by stealing their Chefs?

A. We hire part-time for supplemental income with few full-time positions available. The industry is generally low paying with an expectation of working long hours. We understand the ratio of student debt and cost of living to real world pay. Chefs are arguably the hardest working in any industry. We believe in rewarding them with the lions share of profit for each service performed while giving them an outlet for creativity. Our Chefs are happier in their full-time jobs while feeling more economically secure. So I guess you could refer to us as the Robin Hood of the Hospitality Industry.

Q. Can I pay Cash?

A. Unfortunately cash is not king for FF+K. For the safety of our employees we do not accept cash payments. We do accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Also, let's not take bartering off the table (fancy sports cars, TVs, or puppies).

Q. When and where did you open?

A. November 14th 2016 is our birthday. We operate in a 25 mile square radius of historic downtown Charleston, SC. Our second location in Philadelphia opened August 2017.

Q. Do you have group classes?

A. Yes. The more the merrier. We have no minimum and the larger the group size the less you'll pay per person. Classes start at $200.

Q. What are your hours?

A. We never sleep.

Q. Do I need to tip the chef?

A. If you feel your Chef went above and beyond, then we're all about making people feel special. 

Q. Are you hiring?

A. Yes. We are hiring for Chef instructors (we call them Culinary Wizards around here), and Chefs for our private CHEF NOW service. 

Q. What makes your classes different from other cooking classes?

A. Cooking is becoming a lost art. As each household works longer hours and becomes busier in their personal lives, cooking is usually sacrificed. In todays world, dining out several times a week has become the "norm". We teach the skills and techniques from our years of experience in the restaurant industry. We don't just teach you how to cook a few dishes. You'll learn many different techniques and cuisines and most importantly you'll be able to create your own recipes. Cook whatever you want, whenever you want. We take the mystery out of cooking. We are open seven days a week to fit your schedule. No excuses.

Q. Will you offer more classes?

A. Yes. We will be offering seasonal classes such as Oktoberfest fare, beer/wine and food pairing, cuisine of the holidays, etc. And if you'd like to see another class, you can always request one on our contact page.

Q. How is it possible you are skilled in every cuisine?

A. Aside from practice, practice, practice, and an intense training program, we have a team of very talented chefs handpicked with years of experience including mandatory culinary school training. Our chefs also specialize in specific cuisines. Yea, we like our team. 

Q. I want to sign up for a class but I'm worried I may not have a big kitchen or the right equipment. Should I buy a new house? 

A. We don't specialize in real estate. However, we bring all food, equipment and cleaning supplies needed for your event. We just require that you have running water. Our goal is to prove that YOU can make restaurant quality food in YOUR own kitchen. From a downtown studio to a six bedroom home, no fancy kitchen required. 

Q. How long are the classes?

A. Each class, party size and customer is different. The typical class length is about 3 to 3 1/2 hours.