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You don't need us to lecture you. These are hands-on cooking workshops to get elbow deep in dough, sauté and slice your way through. We provide unique workshops to give a broader level of culinary knowledge. You won't just learn to make a few dishes. You'll learn to apply your knowledge and feel confident using any ingredient, cooking any cuisine and developing your own recipes. You'll know why us Chefs love our jobs. We get to play with Food, Fire + Knives all day.


We now offer local Chefs on demand and a "demo" style event. Feel free to learn and ask questions, or do some household chores while the Chef is preparing your meal. Fully customize your party by adding your preferences, allergies or dislikes, group size and number of courses. Skip the haggling with other services and restaurants because our CHEF NOW service is always one set price. 


UPGRADES. Because you asked. 

For the party planner in us all. Make your experience even more memorable with an upgrade to a wine or craft beer Workshop that's expertly tailored for your meal. We use our years of experience in wine and beer pairings to complement your Workshop.

for any occasion

Whether it's a date night, dinner party, team building, to impress your family or you've always dreamed of going to culinary school, our workshops fit any occasion. 

have fun while you learn

Grab your favorite bottle of wine or beer. Cooking should be fun, relaxing and stress-free. By gaining knowledge and confidence, you'll never have to worry about dinner with the in-laws again.

accessible and affordable

We are open 24/7. We supply all of the food, equipment and even the cleaning supplies! The best part is, since we have no physical location we are able to pass on the savings to you. Now you really have no excuse.

group Cooking workshops

Call your friends and family because our workshops are just as fun and educational for groups of up to ten people. There will be plenty of food, drink and of course a few laughs.

seasonal workshops

Limited release cooking workshops every month of the year. From Oktoberfest fare to cuisines of the holidays, we like to keep things fresh around here. Want to see a different workshop? Let us know on our contact page!

educated and professional real-world chefs

All of our Chefs are hand selected with real-world experience. We require formal training with a Culinary Arts degree and even have mandatory workshop training for our Culinary Wizards. You're able submit a review after each workshop to further incentivize your Chef. You'll never have to worry about the quality of your workshop experience.  


We are currently hiring and will always hire the best and brightest in the culinary industry. Our company was founded on the mission to provide experienced hospitality professionals an outlet from the rigorous day to day of the restaurant industry. We are hiring candidates for full-time and supplemental income. If your ready for a different career path, but NOT ready to give up your knives and the pleasure of cooking great food, come apply. 

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