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Stress Free In-Home Cooking Classes and Private Chefs

Solving the hosting problem so you can enjoy your guests.

Simply hire a Private Chef for a unique experience… or Become a Chef in your own Private Cooking Class.


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Why Hire a Private Chef?

Feeling restricted with the same old options for food and entertainment? We hear ya…

A night in should be fun, exciting, and delicious. Enjoy your guests. We’ll take care of the rest.

A Meal and Experience everyone will remember… in your home.

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All of the dinners including various appetizers, salads, entrées and desserts used only the finest ingredients and were plated as if you were in a five-star restaurant.If you are looking for the convenience and comfort of eating a five-star meal from your home I would highly recommend Mike and his team at Food, Fire and Knives for a culinary experience.
— Jeff B. ★★★★★
I LOVED my experience with this company! From my very first email asking questions, to the experience itself, to the follow up call with the owner of the company asking how it went, Food Fire + Knives is an A+!
— JL MM ★★★★★
The quality of the food was amazing, very fresh, locally sourced, on par with any 1-2 star Michelin venue. Plus, the chefs were SO nice and engaging, eager to teach our family about cooking and the area. Also note that their prices are significantly better than other competitor personal chefs. I HIGHLY recommend!!!
— Krishna ★★★★★
Best food, great service. Highlight of our vacation. Wonderful.
— Leslie C. ★★★★★
I called last minute (seriously - last minute) to surprise my wife for our anniversary and Food Fire + Knives rocked it! I cannot recommend Food Fire + Knives or Alex Pepe enough. If you want to hit a home run - call these guys!
— Sean C. ★★★★★
He was very fun and unselfish answering questions we had. May have been the highlight of our month long Charleston visit this year.
— Dwight O. ★★★★★

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Local Private Chefs. On Demand. Always One Set Price.

Why FFK? Glad you asked. Here's some highlights in the form of a bulleted list.

  • When tallied up (food, drink, uber, tip, time) our pricing is comparable to any nice restaurant

  • On-demand. Order anytime for any reason

  • Variety. Local Chefs. Any cuisine. Customize your menu

  • Special occasions are kind of our thing

  • We'll probably clean your kitchen better than you gave it to us

  • Relax at home. No seat with the funky smell next to the bathroom (you know that smell)

  • Feel like Beyoncé with that Private Chef

So if this were one of your dating apps, you'd be swiping right. 


Since 2016, we've been serious about one thing (literally, only one thing). Bringing an unforgettable culinary experience into your home. We're local Chefs with a passion for food and years of experience in a variety of cuisines. So, magnetic personalities, captivating good looks and quick wit aside, you'll be immersed in one of our two entertainment services. The best part is, we bring everything including the food, equipment and cleaning supplies. Our Culinary Ninjas will clean and leave without a trace. As the prophet Lil Wayne once said, "Real G's move in silence like lasagna".



You can find us between eat-in and take-out


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"The single most interesting component to any restaurant is the CHEF, tucked away in the kitchen.

Now learn and engage with the most innovative and creative the local culinary scene has to offer.

In your kitchen."

Entrepreneur and Pickle Connoisseur  

A Philadelphia native, Michael started working in restaurants at the age of 14 after discovering through a friend he could eat as many free chicken tenders as his little heart desired. After high school he decided to attend college for criminal justice. There he realized he probably only wanted to be a cop so he could break the law (terrible childhood logic). A graduate of "The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College" and "The Culinary Institute of America", Michael has worked with a variety of different cuisines and restaurants throughout Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Charleston. If the rest of your month is cleared out and you don't mind an entirely too long of a read, check out his full story and blog. 

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